Acoustic Ceiling Decoration

From the humming of kitchen appliances and the digital beeps of electronics, game systems and barking dogs, unwanted sound can be merely distracting or downright annoying. Many noise problems can be minimized with easy and affordable fixes, such as installing acoustical ceiling panels. Please consult with PTI General Contractor expert team for your project.

Ceiling Decoration

We offer sound isolating qualities, many, like audioroom ceiling products, offer extra sound reduction to further lessen noise within a room or noise traveling from room to room, absorbing up to 70 percent of the sound that strikes their surface.

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Refresh your interior with the new one, and revive your life. PTI interior division will provide your needs and personality to your new interior. Tell your idea and concept, and let us do the scratch and bring to real to you. Or Even you don’t have any idea and concept, don’t worry, our expert […]